Bandung Bus Charter Price

29Seat 1.500idr All in Bandung City Tour
45Seat 2.700idr All in Bandung City Tour
60Seat 3.000idr All in Bandung City Tour
Bandung Car Rental,Bandung Tour Package
Bandung Bus Charter,Bandung Hotel Voucher

MFA TOUR & TRAVEL offer some package for Bandung car rental,Bandung Tour Package,Bus Charter and hotel also.

Bandung Bus Charter Bus Charter is one part of the our service, for groups of more than 20 people, more comfortable with one group using the bus, we provide bus with some grouping criteria of 24, 40, 56 seat. We will also provide guide services to guide your journey, especially in Bandung

Bandung Car Rental

Bandung Car Rental we offer special price for bandung car rental with friendly driver,car hire with good condition,clean and comfortable. Our driver will suggest a good place in bandung area,like factory outlet,shopping mall,restaurant and other place you must visit while in bandung.

Bandung Tour Package

Bandung Tour Package will help you to explore the beautiful city of bandung,interesting place,shopping area,and restaurant with amazing view. And also you can visit bandung volcano tour,like a tangkuban perahu,enjoying the fresh air in Lembang or enjoy hotspring in Ciater. And if you come to Bandung,don't forget to visit Kawah Putih.